Radio show

Radio show – shoegaze John Peel sessions

When a band recorded a John Peel session it was always an exciting moment for a fan as you got to hear either new material or a different take of previously released track.

The sessions were often as close to hearing the band live as you could get as there was no studio trickery. Like most listeners if there was a band I loved in session I’d record the show and listen over and over again.

This week’s show celebrates those John Peel sessions and is a compilation of some of the best shoegaze moments recorded between 1984 and 1991.

Moose – Suzanne (16th April 1991)
My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me With Your Kiss (25th Sept 1988)
The Jesus & Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking 29th Oct 1985)
Ride – All I Can See (29th Sept 1990)
Curve – Ten Little Girls (10th Mar 1991)
Galaxie 500 – Blue Thunder (24th Sept 1989)
Slowdive – Catch The Breeze (26th Mar 1991)
Lush – Leaves Me Cold (23rd Jan 1990)
The Pale Saints – You Tear The World In Two (23rd July 1989)
Revolver – Crimson (23rd Nov 1991)
The House of Love – Destroy The Heart (7th June 1988)
Cocteau Twins – Peep Bo (Ivo) (29th Aug 1984)
Chapterhouse – Treasure (23rd Sept 1990)
Bleach – Surround (4th June 1991)
The Telescopes – Please Tell Mother (15th Sept 1991)