Radio show

Radio show – The slow hour

In this week’s show we delve into the world of post rock, slowcore, alternative rock or whatever you wish to call it. With it being January and traditionally a slow month I wanted the sound of the show to match this, plus I recently read (and enjoyed immensely) Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai’s book so many of the tracks tonight have a similar vibe.

Expect to hear the following tracks on the show:

Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice
Codeine – Loss Leader
Tram – Too Scared To Sleep
Bluetile Lounge – Concrete/Tunnels
Galaxie 500 – Blue Thunder
Hood – You’re Worth The Whole World
Slint – Washer
Acetone – Germs
Piano Magic – I Left You Twice, Not Once
Bark Psychosis – Absent Friend
Flying Saucer Attack – Crystal Shade