Things we learnt from the My Bloody Valentine listening party

On the 15th May 2021 all of My Bloody Valentine joined Tim Burgess on Twitter for a listening party where they shared details about the making of their 1988 album Isn’t Anything.

If you want to experience the tweets in time with the music you can replay the whole thing here. Alternatively we’ve posted some highlights below.

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Just like Loveless, the album was recorded in multiple studios.

We now know why their Peel Session has never been released.
Cupid Come was written just after their Ecstasy mini-album in 1987.
Kevin still has hand-written notes from the recordings.
The band partly recorded the album in Wales
The recording didn’t always go well with tech problems.
The album was influenced in places by a cow invasion.
But then the cows seemed to enjoy Kevin’s guitar playing.
Kevin would get great pleasure winding up their engineer.
They also broke an engineers foot.
Some accidents turn out for the best.
There were a few other accidents during the recording.
The drum machine of the acid house generation influenced the sound in places.
The studio always thought what they did was wrong.
They can’t play ‘I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)’ live until Kevin works out the guitar tunings.
The album is deliberately meant to sound like the band sound live.
Kevin the teenager?

My Bloody Valentine will be back on November 4th for another listening party to mark the 30th anniversary of Loveless.