Rave Down and Sennen join Tim’s Listening Party

On Tuesday night (13th July 2021) Sennen hosted a Twitter Listening Party with Tim Burgess. This was to celebrate the reissue of the band’s debut album ‘Widows’ from 2005.

When the album was released I was part of Hungry Audio who originally released the album, the band very kindly asked me to join them so I talked about all the gigs back then and how the album came to be released.

You can replay the listening party by clicking on the image below and hitting play at the same time as listening to the album. All I can say is putting together one of those listening parties is a lot more work than it appears and at the time it feels like you’re posting constantly even though the playback looks like there’s long gaps. It was a brilliant evening, hope you enjoy reliving 2005 with us.

You can buy a copy of the album via the Sonic Cathedral website.