Radio show

Radio show – 17th February 2021

We head back to 2002 for this weeks featured album, it was the third long player from Sigur Ros and their last before signing to a major label.

Is it called brackets? Is it called untitled? ( ) was made up of 8 untitled tracks which have since been given names, and all the lyrics are sung in Hopelandic! Despite all this confusion the album is a masterpiece and we shall be playing several tracks throughout the show.

There’s a live track from A Place To Bury Strangers recorded in London in 2018 and there’s a track from the Drop Nineteens recorded for the John Peel Show in 1992.

There’s also some incredible new releases this week from Winter, Bored At My Grandma’s House, The Rosie Varela Project, Cheval Sombre, Sonic Boom and I Like Trains.

We also look back to this week in 1991.